What is an unlined bra?

There are days we all just want to go for comfort and a natural look. Believe it or not, the unlined bra provides both for you. Use when the sun is hot and the breeze is just right, under loose and flowing tops or dresses.

What is an unlined bra?

Unlike other bras, which usually have padding and at least two layers of cloth for shaping and covering, the unlined bra only has one layer. There is no padding or extra lace. This gives it its natural, comfortable qualities. An unlined bra can also be perfect as lingerie.

The unlined bra gives you a natural look

Because the unlined bra is only one layer, it does not shape the bust as much as other bras do. It gives you a more natural shape, which looks casual and appealing under loose silky shirts or tops. You can even wear it as lingerie at night, because of the light material.

The unlined bra guarantees a comfortable day

One layer over your bust means less cloth to trap the heat. Under breathable wear like cotton or those loose silky shirts we suggest, it can be as comfortable as not wearing a bra at all. Pick an unlined bra for a long day in the sun with a lot of walking.

The unlined bra doesn’t give full support

The unlined bra is most effective with women with smaller busts, because one layer of cloth does not necessarily give full support. An underwire might help, as well as a seamed and shaped cup, but it is still difficult to be fully comfortable with less support.

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