What is a spacer bra?

When it comes to choosing the best bras, it can be both simple and complicated. Simple because at first, you think you know what you want to wear. Complicated because as you go through the day, you start to think, “I wish I had a bra that was more comfortable at work” or “I wish I had a bra that lay flat under my T-shirt” or “I wish I had a bra that doesn’t hold sweat on a hot day.”

If that is the normal run of your daily thoughts, you are probably looking for the spacer bra.

What is a spacer bra?

A spacer bra is lightweight for whole-day use

A spacer bra looks a little like a padded bra, but it is made of lightweight cloth material, folded and refolded to create air pockets underneath instead of one thick layer. Another design simply creates it out of two layers of cloth, seamless but padded. It is designed to allow the chest area to breathe and relax, with a lightweight feeling for the whole day. It supports but does not shape, so it is best for casual outdoor wear.

A spacer bra doesn’t hold sweat on a hot day

Who hasn’t experienced a long, unexpectedly hot day where the inside of your bra just gets thicker and itchier and more uncomfortable? The spacer bra, because of its two-layered design, absorbs sweat and relays it inside. The wet cloth isn’t irritating your skin, and you always feel fresh and dry no matter what the day turns out to be like.

A spacer bra looks good under a T-shirt

Basically, it looks much like a T-shirt bra and it can easily be mistaken for one. It has no underwires to outline the bra, and is seamless without separate bra cups. The midsection lies flat so that even with a form-fitting shirt, your breasts are supported but the bra-line won’t obviously show. Its advantages over a T-shirt bra are the lightweight form and breathable fabric that make it the best bra choice for a summer day.

What is a spacer bra? The best bra for everyday needs.

Need something cool for a whole day at work? Something fresh for a sunny afternoon? Something fit for a T-shirt? The spacer bra has got you covered.

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