What is a shelf bra?

There are two kinds of shelf bras you might run into. The first is the built-in support of tight fitting tops, so you won’t have to wear a bra at all. The second is a cup-less bra that is definitely not meant for everyday wear. Both are just right for different needs. Which one is the best bra for you?

What is a shelf bra?

The built-in shelf bra offers extra comfort and/or support

The built-in shelf bra is an extra layer of cloth inside a sando or tank top, ending in elastic so it can fit under your breasts. If the material of your shirt is thick enough, you can easily use it outside for more comfort. The elastic is not as constricting as an underwire, and the extra layer of cloth is usually thin.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to use it for running or sports, you can easily wear it over a normal bra for more support. It can even be used over a sports bra to give you more comfort during a game or a run.

The cup-less shelf bra offers utility and intimacy

Lingerie does not always have to be functional and useful. Some days you just want to look good and feel good. Some days you just want to add to your bedroom wear. What you need is the shelf bra.

The shelf bra is designed to go under the breasts and support them, without providing coverage. Most ladies prefer using them in the intimacy of a home or bedroom, as they are easily seen under most tops. They can provide the comfort of support and a braless feel all at once. You can even use them with the built-in shelf bra for added support but the same level of comfort.

Shelf bras work best for women with cup sizes A to C, for the best support. Find one with non-elastic bands and uses multiple hooks to close for ideal support.

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