What is a Plunge Bra?

Have you ever gone through your entire closet looking for a bra with enough dip and demi-coverage for a low cut dress or top? The plunge bra is made for just that special occasion. A special bra for a special need.

What is a plunge bra?

A plunge bra is made for your evening wear needs

A plunge bra is not your best bra for everyday or workout wear. The cloth connecting the cups is low and thin, and the cups are also cut low for the best fit with low-cut tops. A v-neck dress can plunge low without revealing anything, and low u-necks won’t show the bra line either. The plunge bra was really made for special occasions calling for certain gowns, so it’s the best bra to supplement your wardrobe.

A plunge bra provides support no matter what the occasion

Because it’s a special bra for special occasions, the plunge bra usually uses push-up technology to support the bust and create deeper cleavage. The support means you can fit the bra with any dress, even form-fitting dresses, and your bust will be shaped and lifted to your best advantage. Despite the support, the lack of full coverage makes it not one of the best bras for your everyday or work needs.

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