What is a demi cup bra?

Different bra types for different needs. What kind of need do you have? If your Outfit of the Day is a low cut top or something tight-fitting, if you want to look stylish but still live in comfort the whole day, the best bra for you is probably a demi bra.

What is a demi cup bra?

The demi cup bra goes well with low cut tops

The struggle with low cut tops is either finding one high enough that it clears the bra line, or figuring out how to adjust a full coverage bra without lessening the support. A demi bra solves that problem by covering up to one inch above the nipple area, so nothing peeks out above that low cut T-shirt, blouse, or dress. They can even have some lift and pressure inwards to make the most of your look.

The demi cup bra goes well with tight fitting tops

When it comes to full coverage bras and tight fitting tops, there tends to be a struggle with the top of the bra line and the raised bump of the underwire. We begin to throw off tops and try others on, looking for a top thick enough to pad and hide all those obvious bumps.

The demi bra supports without covering natural curves, allowing the top to fit well without any tell-tale bra lines. The underwire is reduced because of the lesser need of support, so it doesn’t show under the shirt.

The demi cup bra is more comfortable compared to other bras

While the demi bra does not provide full support (so no sports, girls) because of its design, the reduced underwire means it provides partial support while being less annoying around the sides. The more advanced styles may provide lift and more cleavage, but the greatest win, at the end of the day, is that it’s really more comfortable compared to certain other bras.

What is a demi cup bra? It’s the best bra you need

If you’re going for low cut and form fitting, comfortable and stylish all at once, you need the demi bra to complete your look. It’s one of the best bras that will give all four advantages at once.


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