What is a contour bra?

What are the best bras padded for comfort but molded to your size? The contour bra is characterized by a thin layer of foam padding, designed to mold to your shape and size. You can enjoy the round fullness of a padded bra without adding another number or letter to the size. The smooth lines make this ideal, like the T-shirt bra, for form-fitting clothes or any clothes you want to hang naturally on you.

What is a contour bra?

The contour bra hugs tight with full support

The contour bra is designed to mold to your natural curves, the thin layer of padding making it as comfortable to wear as a warm second skin. However, the molding doesn’t mean the contour bra does not provide full support. The underwire design provides lift and support to the usually seamless cups. For fuller figures, look for seamed contour bras that mold better and give extra support.

The contour bra gives your curves a natural boost

The contour bra gives the best combination of comfort and class to any outfit you plan to wear. It molds to your curves without adding a cup size, and the edges blend with your top or dress for minimum visibility, depending on the brand. You’ll have the advantage of streamlined curves that are all your own to show off.

The contour bra is best for cool or cold areas

Padded bras are not the best choices if you’re planning to go out on a hot or summer day. Not very much air can get in (especially with a contour bra) so it can get hot and itchy in the most annoying sun-heated way. Use the contour bra on a cold day or for nighttime wear, so the comfortable design can work at its best.

What is a contour bra? The best bra for all seasons (except summer)

Simply put, a contour bra is a comfortable molded bra that can help you forget you’re imprisoned in it all day (and we all want to feel that). Not to mention the streamlined natural curves it gives you will amp up your confidence no matter where you are. The contour bra is the best bra for all seasons.

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