What is a Bandeau Bra?

One of the most basic best bras you will ever have in your collection is the bandeau bra. It’s a woman’s best friend, the most basic foundation of any bra you could have. Depending on the style, use a bandeau bra for tank tops, tube tops, tops with deep necklines, or even for any old everyday top.

what is a bandeau braWhat is a bandeau bra?

A bandeau bra is made out of stretchy fabric for maximum comfort, and it is designed strapless with a thick band that goes around the chest for maximum support. Elastic above and beneath keeps the bandeau firmly in place.

A bandeau bra is perfect for any top

Since a bandeau bra is literally the most basic part of a bra–the band itself–it is perfect for any top. The stretchy cloth makes it more comfortable than the thin lines of a regular bra. You can buy them thick, padded, with underwire for extra support, whatever your preference is, and wear it literally under any top you have.

A bandeau bra can be used under low-cut tops

Some ladies need to buy a bandeau cloth to wear underneath their low-cut tops and over their bras, but you won’t. A well-styled bandeau can serve as a comfortable cover rather than an undershirt, which would add another layer of cloth. A longer, thicker style can even be worn as a crop top on a hot day, or as an under-covering for a long jacket. Match it to your style and sport the best look for you.


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