What is a balconette bra?

While the demi cup bra is basically a half cup bra that’s perfect for low cut or form fitting tops, or both, the balconette bra cuts down on coverage but increases support. It’s perfect for that lower cut top or dress for a special occasion, or even just to give a boost to your everyday casual wear. Remember: Minimum coverage, maximum support.

Why is it called a “balconette” style bra?

A balconette was one of those railings they would put under a window on the outside to make it look like there was a balcony. One theory is the way the balconette bra looks, since it is very low cut. Another theory is that the bra is cut so low that you can’t even see it looking down from a balcony. However the bra got its name, “balconette” stuck.

what is a balconette braWhat is a balconette style bra?

The balconette style bra gives you more freedom to choose your clothes

Remember that time you threw on a top, found out the bra line showed above the neckline, and you had to change everything? Worse, remember when you changed your mind in the middle of changing? The balconette bra, with its lower-than-demi cup coverage and wider shoulder straps, is ideal for when you just want to throw on a top or dress without thinking too hard, or change change it without worrying about the inside peeping out.

The balconette style bra gives you more support

Because of the low bra line, the balconette style bra needs a more supportive underwire and a stronger and sometimes wider chest band for maximum support. You don’t need to sacrifice style or a low cut top, you just need a balconette style bra to get that lift and support you need for a good look and a long day.

The balconette style bra is best for non-active days

Rule number one, don’t wear a balconette style bra to a badminton game. Or a volleyball game. Or any kind of game that involves strenuous physical activity. Despite the added support, the balconette style bra won’t provide the all-direction hold of a good sports bra. Save this one for your every days and your special days.

The balconette style bra is your secret weapon in the fight for the perfect top or dress.

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